Dare to Dream!

Dreaming of that holiday that you’ve been needing for years? Yearn to travel to exotic and exciting places. At Airline Travel Insurance we’re here to listen, learn and help you with all your unsecured personal loan online enquiries. We’ve been rated #1 at debt consolidation Australia five years running we also won best Travel Loans at the 2017 unsecured personal loan online awards. So don’t miss out and apply today!


Quick Easy Approval

It’s never been quicker and easier to apply for personal loans and get yourself approved. At Airline Travel Insurance we take the hassle out with our stream lined, state of the art application process.  Australians all around the country are getting their applications approved in less than 24 hours! At Airline Travel Insurance it’s not just about getting you approved we want to make sure we see you through the full journey from approval all the way to paying out your loan. That’s why our team of highly trained financial specialists are here seven days a week to help you with any enquiry you may have.


What We Believe

At Airline Travel Insurance we believe that a loan isn’t a debt you repay but rather an opportunity to put yourself in a better position financially. Personal loans are an opportunity to realise a dream whether it be to buy a new car, travel on a trip around the world, or simply having the comfort of knowing that you are in a safe financial position with all your debts consolidated into one easy repayment. Many Australians believe that they are disqualified from by online personal loan lenders due to the nature of their circumstances at Airline Travel Insurance we will always listen to your story before we make a decision as we know that sometimes when applying for a loan life gets in the way.

‘I used to dread when the phone rang, and I use to avoid my letterbox at all costs. Why? Because I was dead afraid that it was an overdue bill that needed to get paid. One day I decided I didn’t want to live in fear anymore. So I did some research and found Airline Travel Insurance a company that specialised in Quick Holiday Loans and unsecured personal loan online.  When I first called up they were amazing! Obviously they knew right away that I wanted to consolidate my existing debt but they also suggested that maybe after all that stress it might be worth while taking a holiday. It was something I thought I’d never be able to do again, but with all debt consolidated into one quick and easy repayment it was now affordable for me to get a little extra and treat myself to a Fijian holiday! Thank you so much AirlineTravelInsurance from the bottom of my heart.’ -Audrey Lancaster